Keynote Presentations

without Paper

Reflections on 25 Years of Contributions to NDE Reliability by Dr. Christina (Müller) Zanotelli

U. Ewert1, G. Selby2, M. Pavlovic1

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: EPRI, Charlotte, USA

without Paper

Automatization in Complex Socio-Technical Systems: Man as a Hazard, Man as a Hero

H. Schaub1

1: IABG, Ottobrunn, Germany

without Paper

Quality in Computer-aided Surgery

F. Stocker1

1: fiagon, Hennigsdorf, Germany

Session 1
General Reliability

without Paper

State of the art of the discussion on reliability: Where are we now and where we are heading?

M. Bertovic1, G. Selby2, R. Holstein3, D. Kanzler4, M. Pavlovic1

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: EPRI, Charlotte, USA
3: DGZfP Ausbildung und Training, Berlin, Germany
4: Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany

From State of Science to State of the Art Reliability

D. Kanzler1

1: Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany

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without Paper

15 Years of NDT Reliability Studies – What to do with it?

U. Ronneteg1, M. Pavlovic2, M. Bertovic2, D. Kanzler3

1: SKB, Oskarshamn, Sweden
2: BAM, Berlin, Germany
3: Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany

Research by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the Effects of Human Factors on Ultrasonic Examinations

A. D'Agostino1, S. Cumblidge1, S. Morrow1, N. Hughes1, C. Franklin1, T. Sanquist2

1: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, USA
2: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, USA

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A Proposal to Enhance the Importance of Reliability in the Application of NDE and SHM

B. McGrath1, D. Gilbert2

1: AMEC, Warrington, UK
2: BINDT, Northampton, UK

Session 2
Human Factors

Human Factors guidance to improve reliability of non-Destructive testing in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

M. Wall1

1: ESR Technology, Abingdon, UK


Human Factors Engineering in Manual Ultrasonic Testing

M. Dunlap1, G. Selby1

1: EPRI, Charlotte, USA

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without Paper

Assessment and Treatment of Risks in the Inspection of Hollow Railway Axles: Implications for the Personnel Training

M. Bertovic1, R. Holstein2

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: DGZfP Ausbildung und Training, Berlin, Germany


Effect of Feedback and Variation on Inspection Reliability

I. Virkkunen1, J. Haapalainen2, S. Papula3, T. Sarikka3, J. Kotamies4, H. Hänninen3

1: Trueflaw, Espoo, Finland
2: VTT, Espoo, Finland
3: Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
4: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

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Using Remote NDE, including External Experts in the Inspection Process, to Enhance Reliability and address Todays NDE Challenges

N. Meyendorf1, R. Schallert2, S. Paul1, L.J. Bond1

1: Iowa State University, Ames, USA
2: Fraunhofer IKTS, Berlin, Germany

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Session 3
Model-Assisted POD

without Paper

Achieving a more comprehensive POD using both simulation and measurements

M. Pavlovic1, A. Gianneo2, D. Kanzler3

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: Politecnico di Milano, Italy
3: Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany

without Paper

Development of a Protocol for the Acceptance of New NDT Capability in the Air Domain

C. Schneider1, A. Ballisat2, E. Tarrant3, P.I. Nicholson4, R. Smith2, D. Hallam5

1: TWI, Cambridge, UK
2: University of Bristol, UK
3: TWI, Middlesbrough, UK
4: TWI, Port Talbot, UK
5: Dstl, Salisbury, UK

without Paper

Image Based Surface Microgeometry Reconstruction - Modeling and Validation

M. Rauhut1, P. Gospodnetic1, M. Spies2

1: Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany
2: Fraunhofer IZFP, Saarbrücken, Germany

without Paper

Simulation of POD curves in the context of justification Risk Reduction through In-Service Inspection

P. Calmon1, X. Artusi1, P. Dillström2, J. Gunnars2

1: CEA LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
2: INSPECTA Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Session 4
Model Assisted POD

without Paper

Minimising the Number of Simulations in Model Assisted Qualification

A. Ballisat1, P. Wilcox1, R. Smith1

1: University of Bristol, UK

without Paper

Semi-empirical Determination Method for POD in NDT-ET Application

A. Gomis1

1: Safran Aircraft Engines, Réau, France


Assessment of the Reliability of Phased Array NDT of Coarse Grain Component Based on Simulation

G. Ribay1, S. Mahaut1, G. Cattiaux2, T. Sollier2

1: CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
2: IRSN, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

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MAPOD case study – EDF feedback and perspectives

F. Billy1, L. Le Gratiet2, Y. Gelebart1, L. Granal3

1: EDF/CEIDRE, Saint-Denis, France
2: EDF/R&D, Chatou, France
3: EDF/UNIE, Saint-Denis, France

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Session 5
Applications in Industry

without Paper

Reliable Quantification of the Performance of SHM Systems

P. Cawley1, S. Heinlein1, C. Liu1

1: Imperial College London, UK


Determination of Defect Sizes with the help of Structural-Health-Monitoring Methods based on Guided Waves

K. Tschöke1, B. Weihnacht1, T. Gaul1, E. Schulze1, L. Schubert1, R. Neubeck1,2

1: Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
2: Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg, Germany


A Reliability Study of Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspections Applied to Aluminothermic Welds in Rails

M. Carboni1, A. Gianneo1

1: Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Session 6
Reliability Parameters

Real Defects as the Major Challenge of Useful POD Evaluations

D. Kanzler1, M. Pavlovic2

1: Applied Validation of NDT, Berlin, Germany
2: BAM, Berlin, Germany

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NDE Reliability using Laboratory Induced Natural Fatigue Cracks

V.K. Rentala1, P. Mylavarapu2, J.P. Gautam1, V. Kumar2

1: University of Hyderabad, India
2: Defence and Metallurgical Research Lab, Hyderabad, India

A Multi-Parameter Probability of Detection (POD) Model for Flash Thermography

C. Maierhofer1, N. Rothbart2

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: DLR Institut für Planetenforschung, Berlin, Germany


Influencing parameters on image quality using photon counting detectors for laminography

D. Schumacher1, U. Ewert1, U. Zscherpel1

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany

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Session 7
Applications in Industry

Concrete Test Specimen for NDE Reliability Demonstration

S. Keßler1

1: TU München, Germany

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Considerations of Probability of Detection in Fracture-Critical Inspections of Forged Polished Car Rims

B.R. Mabuza1

1: Vaal University of Technology, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

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Essential Parameters for the Visibility of IQIs and Small Indications in Digital Radiography

U. Ewert1, U. Zscherpel1, J. Vogel1, F. Zhang2, N.X. Long3, T.P. Nguyen3

1: BAM, Berlin, Germany
2: Dresden International University, Germany
3: VINATOM, Hanoi, Vietnam

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without Paper

Enhancement of Detection Probability of Defects in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics by a Methodical Parameter Study of Air-coupled Ultrasonic

G. Schober1, C. Kolb1, M. Werner1

1: SKZ - Das Kunststoff-Zentrum, Würzburg, Germany


POD Improvement of Defects in Fibre Reinforced Plastics by Use of Multiply Flash Thermography with Variable Pulse Parameters

G. Schober1, C. Kolb1, M. Werner1, D. Hoffmann1, S. Kremling1

1: SKZ - Das Kunststoff-Zentrum, Würzburg, Germany

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without Paper

Application of the main provisions of the interstate standards GOST 33514-2015 "Production of Railway Applications. The Procedure for Verification of Non-destructive Testing Methods"

V. Konshina1, G. Dymkin1, A. Shevelev2

1: PSTU, St. Petersburg, Russia
2: Inst. for bridges & NDT, St. Petersburg, Russia

without Paper

Assessing the Performance of X-ray Computed Tomography

N. Brierley1, F. Hiersemenzel1, N. Turner1

1: The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, UK